Sigmund Freud

Allport visited [Freud] as a student for theraputic reasons in 1992.

He and Freud met in Vienna, Austria. In an attempt at conversation, he told Sigmund Freud a story of something he had seen on the train.

He informed the man about a little boy he had met on the train. He explained how the little boy had refused to sit down on a space where a particurlarly dirty man had sat just before him. He speculated that this behaviour was required from the mother who appeared to be a dominant woman.

After listening to the story, Freud simply asked Allport if the little boy was him.

Allport found that Freud was interpretating this simple ice breaker as some kind of unconscious memory of his childhood. Allport believed that psychoanalysis focused far too much on the unconscious and the past. He wished to focus as much on present problems as well as expectations of the future. His work rejected both psychoanalytical and behavioural psychology and he worked on conscious decisions.

He recalled the visit in an essay called Pattern and Growth in Personality.